Small Breed (25lbs or less) – 300mg – 30ml

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This 30ml Bottle contains 300mg Hemp and is recommended for small pets (25lbs or less).
Please contact us if have any questions on how this can help your pet.
Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp blend, natural non-GMO vitamin E.
0.5ml twice per day, can increase dosage after one week to 1ml twice a day if desires are not met. Shake well before use. If your pet is on medication, please consult with a veterinarian before use.

7 reviews for Small Breed (25lbs or less) – 300mg – 30ml

  1. gisele_gendron1970 (verified owner)

    We luv it!!! Our dachshund is epileptic and blind he had been having seizures often but with ur product no seizures also being bling it’s calm him down so he does not stress about it. Thank you so very much for helping him. I will recommend you guys to all my friends ❤️???

  2. danni.17 (verified owner)

    I have a teacup Chihuahua who is only 2.5 lbs. she recently started having seizures in September. One of my coworkers gave me this to try for my dog and she’s been doing great! Only one seizure since she started taking it daily. My other dog is a BT/MP mix and has bad knees. We also use the 25lbs and up for her. We’ve noticed a big difference when she’s finished her walks.

  3. (verified owner)

    My Senior Jack Russell tore his hip muscle last year and although the Vet gave him anti inflammatory medication, it didn’t seem to be helping. Since we already had our Dachshund on this hemp oil for her anxiety we thought we would try it for the inflammation on the Jack Russell. We’ve had HUGE success! Even though the Jack Russell is mostly healed, we’re keeping him on the oil for his arthritis. This oil truly has been a game changer for both our dogs. Very much recommend it.

  4. isabellechoumiline21 (verified owner)

    Have been giving this to my 12 year old shih tzu for months now since we found out she was starting to develop some arthritis. Seems to be helping, and no negative changes to her personality or energy level!

  5. cakmattice (verified owner)

    My dog Jax is a bit anxious! When we first got him I noticed he wasn’t sleeping that good at night so we tried this and it’s helped him get a good nights sleep

  6. cakmattice (verified owner)

    A few years ago we lost our older dog. After she passed her 8-year-old fur-sister wasn’t doing too well. We thought we were going to lose her soon after. She started having health issues and it turned out that she had Cushing’s disease. She also had arthritis in her back legs which caused her to start limping. I decided to try CBD oil for her and in two days she had stopped limping! It was also helping her with some anxiety as well. After we noticed his well the CBD oil helped we looked into anything that could help turn her health around. We the. Started making her fresh food, and used this CBD oil twice a day and she was a completely different dog! It was like she was a puppy again! We are convinced that if we had not found this CBD oil back when she was 8 we would have lost her back then! Sure enough, after the diet change and daily CBD oil she lived until she was 13! We are so grateful to have found Hemp 4 Tails and that it started a snowball effect of changes we made that let us have more time with our fur baby!

  7. marshma13

    within 2 weeks i noticed a difference in my cats mobility. he was up and moving much more than he had been!

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