Large Breed (60-100lbs) – 1200mg – 30ml

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This 30ml Bottle contains 1200mg Hemp and is recommended for large pets (60-100lbs).
Also available in JUMBO 90ml Bottle - 3600mg Hemp
Please contact us if have any questions on how this can help your pet.
Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp blend, natural non-GMO vitamin E.
0.5ml twice per day, can increase dosage after one week to 1ml twice a day if desires are not met. Shake well before use. If your pet is on medication, please consult with a veterinarian before use.

17 reviews for Large Breed (60-100lbs) – 1200mg – 30ml

  1. val.nadon.08 (verified owner)

    My dog suffers from ataxia and has always been super anxious (probably due to his condition).
    Since I give him Hemp4Tails large breed, he has more balance, his coordination is waaaayyy better and NO MORE ANXIETY!! He’s a brand new doggo, living his best doggo life 🙂

  2. briellepenner (verified owner)

    This product has saved me! I have a 9 year old catahoula who acquired separation anxiety. We tried everything including medicating her from the vet. I hated the quality of life she had on those meds. When I made the switch after a couple days it was honestly like a miracle. She is happy and energetic and when we leave she just curls up and lays on her bed. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  3. thejessicabarrett

    My pup started having mild seizures, and since she had two in the span of less than a month, the vet wanted to start treatment. I did not want her on anti-seizure medication, so I opted to try Hemp 4 Tails instead. It’s hard to say whether it’s ‘working,’ but she hasn’t had any seizures since we started so that’s a great sign! It seems to also help with her separation anxiety, which is an added bonus. Highly recommend!

  4. nolin.jay (verified owner)

    This product has helped with Large dogs anxiety significantly! His appetite is more consistent these days. I see so much of a difference in him I am going to purchase some more for him, and my small dog and my other dog with a leg injury.

  5. odirven (verified owner)

    I found out about Hemp 4 Tails’s oil when my old lab was in her last months. After a year of medications she had ulcers and not doing well. After 1 week of the oil she was so much better, and I am happy to say her last month was really good, she was managing stairs again and her appetite was much better. I am back to buy more for my other lab, I am confident I can make her discomfort from hip displasia much better without medicines with nasty side effects.

  6. sarahcl

    I am quite blown away actually from this product so far.
    We have a 9 yr old Boxer dx in March with moderate arthritis in an elbow. He was lame for about two wks and was on Deramaxx for about 6 wks, part of which I weaned him of of this nsaid because it’s very harsh in the organs. Since then he’s off Deramaxx but on fish oil and glucosamine as maintenance. He was not limping but he was very lethargic.

    Two days into this hemp oil and my dog is back to his old self, he’s doing zoomies, he’s moving much more freely, he’s jogging on my walks whereas I had to wait for him.
    So far I see amazing results and I’m super happy he’s not in pain

  7. soldat_99 (verified owner)

    I started giving this product because my 11 years old English Springer Spaniel had difficulties going up the stairs and moving himself from laying on the floor to his paws. In only few days with the oil I saw the difference. Also, He started to be more active, asking for walks more often. Its like getting him few years younger.

  8. mehbooh

    I rescued a 2 year old French Bulldog a year ago. She was not socialized while she was a puppy and developed a high reactivity towards dogs. Previously walking her would have been very challenging. Giving her the hemp oil takes her edge off. Although she still is reactive, she is much more laid back and relaxed. She reacts but able to calm down much quicker than without the oil. I ran out of a bottle before getting a new batch and noticed a big difference her reactivity is much more intense without. Also I tried few other brands and this oil is the most effective and most cost effective product! Highly recommend it to any dog!

  9. kenzie.elaine (verified owner)

    We’ve been using this for the last month on our 3 year old mix breed. She has always been pretty anxious but after a few dogs attacked her over the last couple years she is very nervous around other dogs. She has also been very nervous around people she doesn’t know. Since starting with the hemp oil we have found that she is a bit better and less anxious around people and is definitely not as reactive to other dogs. We are going to keep trying this to see the benefits in the long term.

  10. Karissa

    Got this at a local pet store for my Golden Retriever who is almost 7 years old. She has been on Apoquel(immunosuppressant allergy meds) since she was 2 years old for her bad allergies that are year round. She has a lot of cysts and had a tumour removed because those are some of the side effort that anti allergy meds from the vet. She is now on this product with Quercetin for the itch. She is much better and no cone is needed anymore since she doesn’t chew her paws raw anymore. Definitely recommend!

  11. nicole_adams_93 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Helps my pup with her hips, she can finally stretch out again!

  12. jenny1423

    This stuff is amazing. My 15 year old Shepard mix is a totally different dog when she’s on this stuff everyday! When I run out and can’t get some for a couple days we notice the difference in her that’s for sure. She gets stiff and slow and less active when she’s not on it. Definitely worth every penny and last drop.

  13. skyscroller (verified owner)

    This is an AMAZING product!!! After less than a week on this, 10 year old Hank (lab mix with severe arthritis and anxiety issues) showed a huge improvement. I’ve been a steady customer for nearly a year now and Hank is not the only one reaping the benefits. I definitely recommend this product – in fact I’ve been known to recommend it to strangers we meet on our neighborhood walks (you all know how dog people strike up conversations with other dog people 😉 😀

  14. oliviagrubb01 (verified owner)

    Eliott loves it! Really helped with his anxiety

  15. isabellechoumiline21 (verified owner)

    Had been using this product to help with my 75lbs AmStaff’s arthritis and severe anxiety and seems to make a huge difference in both areas! After a few months we went up to the 100+lbs bottle and now give her 1/2 dropper instead of 2 full droppers from the 60-100lbs bottle. Would highly recommend this for anxious dogs especially paired with training!

  16. marina

    Amazing product!

  17. jonathan parkin (verified owner)

    My 13 year old has started to suffer from nighttime anxiety. This product works really well to allow her to sleep through the night

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