In 2007 I bought my first house in Kelowna BC and a best friend of mine moved in as well. His brother’s dog had just had a litter of eleven puppies and invited us to go check them out. When we got there I was looking around at all these puppies and only one came up to me. He had the most beautiful eyes. His coat was all black with his two front paws being white. The litter was a mix between a Labrador-Collie and a Rottweiler. I did not plan on bringing a dog home but after seeing this little guy I couldn’t leave without him. My friend and I decided to each take a pup. On the car ride home he puked all over the vehicle and that is where our story begins.

I have always loved the name Austin so I knew before I even got him that that was what I was going to name him. Over the next ten and a half years we lived in three cities and have been through a lot together. Everyone always tells me how amazing of a dog I have. He is so well behaved. Doesn’t go after other dogs. Doesn’t need a leash to go on walks. He has always made me proud to be a dog owner.

We have our routine every morning which is me getting up first and Austin sleeping in till I call him for breakfast. One morning in September 2017 I got up at 5am for work. While I was making Austin’s breakfast, I started to call him but he wasn’t coming. So, I went to check on him in the room and he didn’t want to get off his bed. I knew something was wrong so I took the day off and took him to the vet. At the vet we ran a bunch of tests, blood work and X-rays and the results were he had a cancerous tumour attached to his spleen called Hemangiosarcoma that was the size of a grapefruit. I was told Austin had a max of 3 weeks left to live and that I might want to look at putting him down within the next week or so.

After receiving the news we went home and I’m not going to lie I cried a lot. This had all happened so quickly. After half a day of running it through my mind I decided I wasn’t going to take the vet’s advice. I took the next two days off work and started researching online anything people have done for their sick pets. That was when I came across a similar product to Hemp 4 Tails. I had never heard of it so I talked with some people who are familiar with it and decided to give it a go. I started Austin on a few different hemp extracts, and a raw food diet. I started making my own mushroom blends, juicing fruits and veggies plus Chinese herbs. Well did I ever make the right choice. Austin had always been here for me and it was my time to be there for him when he needed it most.

My boy passed December 27th 2020. We ended up getting to spend over 3 more years together which I cherished more than ever. He was happy and healthy till the end. It goes to show you that a lot of love and research can go a long way. Austin is the whole reason ‘for me’ why Hemp 4 Tails was started. I want to share my stories with others and let people know there is always hope. Though every day I miss him I know he will live on through Hemp 4 Tails and in my heart.