JUMBO Medium Breed (25-60lbs) – 1800mg – 90ml

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This 90ml Bottle contains 1800mg Hemp and is recommended for medium pets (25-60lbs).
Also available in 30ml Bottle - 600mg Hemp.
Please contact us if have any questions on how this can help your pet.
Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp blend, natural non-GMO vitamin E.
0.5ml twice per day, can increase dosage after one week to 1ml twice a day if desires are not met. Shake well before use. If your pet is on medication, please consult with a veterinarian before use.

4 reviews for JUMBO Medium Breed (25-60lbs) – 1800mg – 90ml

  1. Cherilyn Leffler (verified owner)

    Our dog was diagnosed last year with a heart murmur so we wanted to start using hemp to keep her anxiety down as low as possible to reduce stress on the heart. We have been using this product for ten months now and we love it. Visits to the vet are much less stressful than they used to be – she was even able to have testing down without sedation! Wonderful product.

  2. Kelsey Streifel (verified owner)

    I have tried many hemp products for my dogs, and this is by far the best one! My 13 year old Pomeranian struggles with joint pain, and used to limp. After giving him this tincture, he’s like a new dog. He no longer limps, he is much happier, and able to enjoy life. I give this to my 8 year old husky as a preventative measure and because I really believe in it’s benefits.

  3. marshma13 (verified owner)

    i would & have 100% recommended this product to dog owners. with 2 torn ccl surgeries, this made the months of rehab noticeably easier for her! i love this product!

  4. unicorn131 (verified owner)

    Our girl was diagnosed with arthritis 6 years ago in her front elbow. Being a young dog who has no “dimmer switch” she was struggling on a daily basis. The vet prescribed monthly injections but she would still have bouts of limping after long walks and playing in the yard. I discovered Hemp for Tails purely but accident and and thought I’d give it a try. I add to her meals twice a day and it has been a huge improvement. She rarely limps anymore after a play session. My vet has even asked for your information not only for her own sake, but to share with other pet parents. I highly recommend your products.

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