X-Large Breed (100lbs & UP) – 2400mg – 30ml

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This 30ml Bottle contains 2400mg Hemp and is recommended for extra large pets (100lbs & UP).
Also available in JUMBO 90ml Bottle - 7200mg Hemp
Please contact us if have any questions on how this can help your pet.
Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp blend, natural non-GMO vitamin E.
0.5ml twice per day, can increase dosage after one week to 1ml twice a day if desires are not met. Shake well before use. If your pet is on medication, please consult with a veterinarian before use.

9 reviews for X-Large Breed (100lbs & UP) – 2400mg – 30ml

  1. mstiller (verified owner)

    I started using Hemp 4 Tails with my 13 year old Husky a couple months ago. He has a significant inoperable tumor that we are medically managing with anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication. While he is comfortable and still himself, he has displayed increased bouts of dementia. In his case, I have found the hemp to help minimize the confusion and whining associated with his degrading mental faculties. I can’t say whether this will work for every dog, as every dog is different, but I can say it seems to have helped my boy. Hopefully, ensuring his last couple months are calm and peaceful days of lounging in the sun.

  2. lisabayliss21 (verified owner)

    This calms my very anxious rescue dog, and also helps his joints; no more limping! My brother uses this with his dog too, and I encourage everyone I meet to give to their pet! As a preventative and as a helpful tool. Highly highly recommend. This company is also above and beyond expectations!

  3. chelsiebowen (verified owner)

    I have a 7 year old German Rottweiler who has suffered from arthritis in his back knees since he was about 3yrs old. He’s been on medication since, but I wanted to get him onto something natural. I came across Hemp4Tails and gave it a try. Spartan started in November on the XL Dog Breed at 1ml/day and I have noticed a huge improvement!! He has not had his medication at all since starting, he never limps, and his energy has greatly increased!

    Thank you Hemp4Tails!

    The customer service is also incredible; quick responses, always helpful and pleasant. Fantastic company.

  4. melodielemaygaulin (verified owner)

    My dog was taking fluoxetine to help with mild-moderate separation anxiety. It worked, but it also made him less interested in food, play and life in general, on top of giving him nausea. My vet suggested I wean him off the fluoxetine to try a different molecule. Not wanting to go through the very unpleasant initial (and, eventually, weaning) phase with another antidepressant, I decided to follow a friend’s recommendation and give Hemp4Tails a try instead. It works almost as well for the anxiety, but without any negative side effects as far as I can tell, and there has been no unpleasant initial phase. As a bonus, it seems to also help reduce stiffness in my dog’s back legs!

    My dog is a 50 lb dalmatian. I initially purchased the medium breed formulation and was giving him 1 mL every morning. When I finished that bottle, I decided to order the XL formulation and give him the equivalent dose (0.25 mL, both 10 mg) instead. This reduces the cost per dose, the bottle lasts me 4x longer, and I find the smaller volume of oil easier to administer. I’m very happy with this product!

  5. backpacker44 (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for my French bulldog for his luxating patella for the past year and I absolutely love it. My dog limps a lot less than he used to and is generally a less anxious dog as well since taking it

  6. alexis.m.wylie (verified owner)

    I started using Hemp 4 Tails almost a year ago and I am so happy I found it. My 8 year old 80lb dog tore his knee and through water therapy and hemp oil he’s as good as ever. It’s such a great product I highly recommend it. The customer service is amazing and the product is exactly what my doggo needs!

  7. kshould (verified owner)

    Our RottieX was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an aggressive and ultimately terminal bone cancer. The vet gave us some prescription strength pain killers that basically just knocked him out. Sure he might have been pain free, but certainly wasn’t himself and didn’t have a good quality of life. Luckily we found hemp oil, it seems to manage his pain well without affecting his happy outgoing demeanor. We may have to use something stronger as the cancer and pain progresses, but 2 months since his diagnosis and hemp oil is still doing the trick.

    Warning: We originally thought all hemp oil was made equal, but this is not the case. Human grade hemp oil in cannabis stores contains up to 5% THC, which can be toxic to dogs in larger doses. Hemp4Tails is hemp derived, meaning no THC content, which is better and safer for animals.

  8. isabellechoumiline21 (verified owner)

    My Amstaff is 75lbs and has arthritis and severe anxiety. We started off using the 60-100lbs bottle giving 2 full droppers but have since switched to this 100lbs+ bottle and now give her 1/2 a dropper daily. We have definitely seen changes in her behaviour that we did not see with training alone! Would highly recommend giving this product a try if your dog is anxious

  9. backpacker44 (verified owner)

    I’ve been giving my dog hemp4tails (formerly Hemp4paws) tinctures for several years now. Whenever I forget to reorder in time before running out, my dog is noticably less spunky. He has a luxating patella and this helps with it so much!

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