Valentine’s Special – 5 Dog Love Languages

We all know there are 5 love languages for humans, but what exactly does that mean for dogs? Not sure which one of the love languages is your dog’s favorite? Spoil your pup with love this Valentines Day (& always) by trying out each one!

  1. Acts of Service

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, if Acts of Service if your dog’s love language then try spending some time this Valentines Day doing things your dog loves best. Maybe that means going to an agility class, or pampering your pup nice grooming session (with our plant-based shampoo of course!), taking them on a fun hike, or dedicating a few hours to throw their favourite toy for them! 

  1. Receiving Gift

Pick up a new toy or a special treat for your pup will be happy they received a gift from their favorite human. Show these pets you love them by showering them in plenty of treats, toys, and a new Hemp 4 Tails tincture!

  1. Words of Affirmation

Does your pup love to be told “Good Girl/Boy” or “I love you” on the regular? Words of affirmation might just be their love language. Spend some time this Valentine’s Day teaching your pup a new trick or working on one they already know like sit, stay, high-five, roll over, you get the idea. Every time they perform the trick is an opportunity to shower them with words of affirmation, and some tasty treats of course! If learning new tricks can be stressful for you pup, try giving them a dose of our tinctures 20 minutes before the training session begins to calm their nerves. 

  1. Quality Time

Dedicate some extra time to play with your pup! Perhaps that means throwing their favourite toy for them in the house, or taking them on their favourite hike, or taking them to your local dog park to play with their furiends! Giving your furry best friend extra quality is sure to make your pup’s tail wag extra.

  1. Physical Touch

Without a doubt, physical touch is probably every dog’s love language. Spoil them today (and always) with a nice long belly rub, scratch behind the ear, or a kiss on the head.


Wishing you & your furry family members a love-filled Valentines Day! Make sure to enter our Valentines & Family Day weekend giveaway on our social pages to win a prize pack for you & your fur baby!