The holiday season can be a stressful time, not just for us but also for our furry family members. The holiday season typically means extra traveling or boarding, parties, dinners, get-togethers.and more, all of which can cause anxiety for our fur kids. 

With all of the extra guests, anxious dogs can act out by barking, growling, hiding, or destroying furniture. So it’s important to help them manage their extra stress so that everyone can enjoy the holiday season.

4 tips to help manage your fur kids stress

1. Set a safe space for your pet
If you’re hosting an event, set up a safe space for your pet to go if the crowd is too overwhelming. Make sure to have their water, toys, and comfortable bed so they know that that is their space. And if you are heading out more often and for longer time periods than normal, make sure to leave your pet with a snack they can chew on to keep them from anxiously awaiting your return. 

2. Pay attention to your pet throughout the night
Throughout the night take some time to play with and talk to your pet. This will help them feel your love for them and can help to reduce their stress. 

3. Take your dog for an extra walk before the festivities begin
Before your guests start to arrive take your dog for an extra-long walk to help get out any extra energy that could later fuel their anxiety.

4. Give them Hemp 4 Tails
Our tinctures connect with your pet’s own endocannabinoid system to help increase the efficiency of the 2-way communication between their brain and body. When their receptors are able to better communicate with each other their brain is able to tell their body how to heal. Our tinctures also help to increase their levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) which promotes an overall feeling of calmness and anxiety relief.

Our tinctures will be most effective if you start giving it to your pets as soon as possible so their Endocannabinoid system can be functioning at its best before the party arrives. We suggest starting them with 0.5ml twice a day and then an extra 0.25ml about 30 minutes before any of the holiday fun begins if need be. 

So if you’re looking for an all-natural way to help prevent your pet’s anxiety during the holiday season try giving them their own space, attention throughout the night, take them for an extra-long walk, and giving them an extra dose of Hemp 4 Tails.


Here’s to a happy and stress free holiday for you and your fur kids!


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