For thousands of years, humans have cultivated and used the hemp plant, including for treating seizures. There is even a modern FDA-approved pharmaceutical using hemp cannabinoids called Epidolex that is being used by humans for the treatment of epilepsy.

For pets experiencing seizures, the hemp plant holds promise as a natural remedy. Hemp contains various compounds that have been studied for their potential to alleviate seizures in animals. These compounds interact with the body’s systems and are often reported to contribute to the reduction of the frequency and severity of seizures in our beloved pets.

In a study completed in 2019 at Colorado State University, researchers found that adding oral hemp cannabinoid treatment to conventional AED treatment significantly reduced the number of seizures in dogs with intractable idiopathic epilepsy. Out of the dogs that received hemp in the trial, an impressive 89 percent experienced a significant reduction in seizure frequency.

Pet owners across the globe have anecdotally shared their positive experiences with hemp, overwhelmingly reporting that it can help decrease seizure activity. Many holistic vets recommend hemp as a treatment option. Cannabinoids have already been proven to be effective in treating seizures in humans, and researchers are hopeful that they can bring similar benefits to our furry friends.

By incorporating hemp-based products into their care routine, pet owners may provide their furry friends with a potential solution for seizure management. While specific compounds within hemp are being researched for their effectiveness, it’s important to consult a veterinarian before introducing new treatments. They can advise of any medication interactions, offer their advice on dosage, and apply other knowledge to ensure the well-being and safety of your pet.