Why our protection balm is a winter must-have for your pup


Winter can be tough on our dog’s paw pads. They are exposed to the cold weather and chemicals and salt on the road, their paw pads are more susceptible to drying, cracking, frostbite, and chemical burns.

Keep your dog’s paws happy and healthy this winter with the help of our Nose & Paw Protection Balm. An all-natural, vegan product formulated to protect your pet’s nose and paws against the elements, such as ice, snow, and cold surfaces! 

Healthy winter paw tips:

  • Help prevent ice balls from forming around their paw pads with properly groomed paws. If your dog has long hair use a clipper to keep the hair between the paw pads short so that it is even with the pad.
  • Apply a layer of our Nose & Paws Protection Balm 5-10 minutes before heading outdoors. Simply glide the balm directly over your pet’s paws and nose and rub in if needed. 
  • After walking outdoors wash your dogs paw with warm water to remove any salt or chemicals that could be on their paws.
  • Dogs are also susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia so in the extremely cold days its best to keep you walks short and warm your pup up when you get back indoors.

Winter can be tough on our dog’s feet but good grooming and protecting the paws with our Protection Balm will go a long way to keeping your dog’s feet healthy.

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