Dog-friendly New Years Resolutions


Turn your dog into your best accountability partner! 

We all love setting life-improving goals for the new year ahead but most of the time they never get turned into actual changes. This year, we’re recruiting our dogs to help us stay accountable throughout the year ahead. If you want some inspiration for New Years Resolutions you can actually stick to (all thanks to your furry best friend!) then check out our dog-friendly New Years Resolutions. 

Doing something active every day

It goes without saying that staying active is one of the keys to living a healthy life. But most times, life gets busy and exercise gets put on the back burner. Not this year though! Commit to your pup that you’re going to wake up a little earlier to fit in a walk, jog, or run with your dog for at least 15 minutes. And the same goes for when you arrive home from work. By simply adding in 15 minutes before and after work you will have done 30 minutes of exercise a day! 

You can make the walks a little more intense by adding speed, walking up hills, or carrying extra weight. Doing this every day will not only help you and your dog physically but mentally and emotionally as well. 

Make sure to protect your pups nose and paws during winter walks with our Protection Balm! It can relieve their dry or cracked paws as well as provide a protective layer against the elements and chemicals on the road. 


Explore new areas

Take a few extra long weekends throughout the year to explore local areas with your pup. Having your pup as your co-pilot as you discover new hikes, cities, and areas can be such a rewarding experience. You’ll be able to build new memories and snap lots of photos to look back on your great adventures. Before you go, make sure to research which campgrounds, shops, and activities are pet-friendly! 

If you dog gets a little dirty on your travelling adventures, give them a soothing bath with our NEW plant-based shampoos! 


Learn something new with your pet

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! Stimulating your dogs mind and challenging him is one of the keys to fulfillment. Just like us, dogs can learn new behaviors and tricks throughout their life. It will also be a learning experience for you to find the right cues and phrases to get your dog to do what you want. Joining an agility or dog training class can be a great way to teach your dog and meet more dog-loving people. 

Dogs love to please their owners, so sometimes learning new tricks can cause anxiety or stress for your fur kid. Giving them a dose of our tinctures before you start to teach them can take the edge off so they can fully focus on your commands without feeling anxious. 


Only eat foods you can share with your dog

When hunger hits we tend to grab for the easiest thing which usually means processed or fast foods. Try having snacks on hand that are not only healthy but also shareable with your furry best friend! Trust us, they will thank you for this one. Foods like carrots, apples, strawberries, peanut butter, and eggs are all healthy and easy snacks that can even improve your dogs health! 


Here’s to a happier and healthier 2020 for you and your fur babies!

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